Saturday, June 16, 2012


JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK – A short film documenting contemporary women’s voices and the fight for the rights of 51% of the American population.  
The idea for this film rose from my belief in justice. Justice for all including the marginalized, the vulnerable,  the ones who have the quietest voice. In the middle of this is the 51% of our nation that is being told to sit down and to shut up and to allow members of our government to make decisions for us. This film is my sense of contribution and effort to get those voices heard. Since I was a little girl I always had a strong sense of fairness and really got upset when things weren't fair - and coming from a large family sometimes things aren't fair.  So instead of it being one suburban family, today it's a nation and this family is big! These current culture conflicts and the efforts of a few to silence many have brought us together in large groups to stand up for our rights----in the workplace, with our bodies and in our homes. Groups speak out, petitions are signed, millions of emails are sent creating a community of activists and providing opportunity to voice our opinions and more often than not – to express our outrage. While the large groups are effective, what about the individual voices; those moments caught in time; carefully articulated words captured in seconds or minutes. What if those seconds were brought together, into a group, representing women from all over our nation, all socio-economic groups, all faiths (or no faiths) and ethnic groups?
I invite you and ask you to contribute your voice to this project. Here are the guidelines. Please email me at if you have additional questions.
When recording your clip please consider one of the two questions listed below the guidelines so that the content of this documentary has a clear focus and clear direction:
·         A short video or audio clip no more than two minutes in length
·         For those of you who would prefer not to be on film, audio is an excellent option
·         Three submissions per person maximum
o   This can be filmed with your smart phone or a digital camera
  • All ages over 18 welcome
·         Signed release required
·         All submissions MUST be original content 
·         Any copyrighted content will not be considered
·         Your submission does not guarantee acceptance in the film
·         Submissions may or may not be accepted based on the following criteria:
o   Length
o   Film quality
o   If you are filming from a smart phone please make sure camera is in horizontal orientation
o   Integrity of content
o   Number of actual submissions received
·         Last day to submit is September 30, 2012
“When it comes to your life, your work, your relationships and most importantly your health, how have these religious and cultural conflicts shaped your opinion of the future for you and other women in your life?”
“Are you frustrated? Does this make you feel helpless? Do you worry that you will lose access to reproductive care as well as basic health care due to right-wing attacks?  Are you as worried as I am about the future for women and girls in this country?"

Send all video and audio submissions to:

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